• Artpilot is the complete gallery
    management system

We can manage it

ARTPILOT mangement provides galleries with a systematic way to create, retrieve, update and mange their important data concerning artworks and artists. The system makes the adminstrative work less time consuming.

Artpilot comes in 3 editions and can manage art for artists, collectors and galleries as well as enterprise.

Artist/Collector Edition

Provides you with the opportunity to engage professionally with your clients. Includes a gallery website which can be used as a showcase for your artwork. Style your website with your brand colors and incorporate your own logo.

Gallery Edition

Designed for galleries. Works as a visual record of your inventory – a management system that organizes your art collections – quick and simple. The gallery edition integrates with external systems a time consuming feature

Enterprise Edition

Intended for large galleries with need of great amount of disk space and unlimited possibilities to manage their inventory. Invite collaborators into your management system and control exactly which data you wish to share with them.

Customize your webpage

ARTPILOT comes with a template to build up your webpage. Let your webpage impress the visitors in the same way your gallery does. If you want a unique solution, we also offer customized sites.

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